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Software development

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Royalty Webdesign developes complete custom software solutions, accounting software,management programs, inventory management, management programs for restaurants, hotels and shops, correlation with cash registers, software applications targeted by customer requirements.


Database , internet access

Management programs and complex software applications made ​​by our company uses the database and can be accessed on the internet from an unlimited number of workstations by an unlimited number of users.
Management programs aim is to increase the efficiency of economic and accounting, through ease of use and speed of the information.


Management software

A management program displays various graphical reports with the possibility to export in. Doc. Pdf,. Xls etc, can be related to the cash registers and touch screens, can be adapted for resellers and allows automatic printing NIR-sized invoices, receipts, reports, tickets, travel vouchers, etc.. Our company develops custom management software, customer management software, suppliers, financial documents and production.

Software developement design

Management program interface is friendly, easy to use and is 100% personalised  to customer requirements. The software is developed in PHP, Ajax, Java and MySQL and allows input and consultation remotely via the Internet. This is advantageous for companies that own several offices in different locations. Management program allows displaying financial situation, stocks, orders, invoices issued, etc. in real time and can process data received from barcode readers, from cash registers, from mobile phones or touchscreen displays .


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